About Us

The story of Tiger Oak began with the release of its first title, Minnesota Bride Magazine, in June 1993. Created for the discerning bride-to-be, Minnesota Bride presents the area’s best resources and experts to help make her event unique and memorable.

The magazine’s combination of stunning design and smart stories caught the attention of readers and advertisers alike. It also set the tone for what Tiger Oak was, and is, more than 20 years later: a publishing company committed to high quality and thoughtful attention to detail on every level.

As publishing evolved, so, too, has the company. Today, Tiger Oak is a multi-dimensional media firm, delivering content to targeted audiences through glossy magazines as well as through branded websites, apps, social media and high-profile events.

Whether a project is a print publication, digital media or an event, our commitment to superior design, content and presentation is clear. That commitment is what has made Tiger Oak brands among the very best in their niches and why everyone from Fortune 100 companies to the individual entrepreneur wants to engage with what we create.

The Only FAQ

“So where did the name Tiger Oak come from, anyway?” Yes, it’s an unusual name. Here’s our story:

Before there even was a company, I was helping a good friend of mine move; she had gotten a new job and was leaving Minneapolis for Chicago. We start lifting a rather large desk, and I said, “That’s a real cool desk; what is it made of?”

“It was my grandfather’s,” she replied. “It’s tiger oak, and that’s why it has those stripes in it.”

At that same time, I was bidding on a custom publication for Radisson Hotels and was on the phone discussing the company (which, admittedly, was a tad fictitious since it was just myself). The lady I was speaking with asked me what the company’s name was. It happened I was at a friend’s house looking straight at a built-in oak cabinet and said, “It’s Tiger Oak Publications.”

If you haven’t seen tiger oak, it is actually quartersawn wood radially cut against the grain. That’s how the “stripes” are created and why it has a distinctive look. Any wood can be cut like this, from maple to redwood to hickory. Had I not been staring at oak, I suppose it could have been Tiger Teak Media. You’ll recognize the oak leaf is part of the logo design that our art director Alicia, who designed many issues of Minnesota Bride before moving to Seattle, originally created.

Thanks for reading our story. Thanks, too, for visiting Tiger Oak’s website, and learning about our titles and brands. I’m very proud of the entrepreneurial organization we’ve created over the past two decades.

—R. Craig Bednar, president and publisher

Mission Statement

Tiger Oak Media is a regional and national publisher of intelligent, attractive and engaging books, magazines, media and events that appeal to targeted audiences of readers who seek quality editorial content and design.

Whenever a reader or client picks up one of our titles, they immediately recognize it as a Tiger Oak product—from the feel of the paper to its design and writing. Tiger Oak’s commitment to quality is evident in everything we do, and how we conduct ourselves in the marketplace and with our clients. Our magazines, books, events and online products work together to maintain and deliver a consistent image and brand identity that attracts and retains readers, and delivers results for our advertisers.

Tiger Oak is committed to strategic growth, and we seek professionals with the innate desire to contribute new ideas and make the most of new opportunities.

Our Team

  • R. Craig Bednar
    President and Publisher

    Craig began his media career as a senior analyst for Cowles Media in 1987, where he reviewed and assessed multiple magazine, newspaper and event acquisition candidates, analyzing financial structure, creating three-year forecasts, and determining ROI on projects and new ventures. In 1992, he launched his own new venture, Minnesota Bride Magazine, whose success quickly spawned other industry-specific products and publications, including the Meetings + Events national chain of titles, along with other lifestyle and business publications. Today, Tiger Oak Media has offices in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Oregon, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Denver. Craig has also served as adjunct faculty at the University of St. Thomas and used his dual degrees in banking and economics, as well as his MBA from Notre Dame, to teach business classes on topics such as internal communications and company culture. Craig and his wife, Stacy, live in Minneapolis with their two sons.

  • Susan Isay
    Publisher / Vice President of Product Development

    Susan has over 30 years of diverse work experience in product development and sales. She grew her career as a buyer, product manager, and publisher before founding Provisions ™, an innovative advertising option, in 2009. in August of 2017 Tiger Oak added The Provisions Book™ to its quality publications and Susan joined the company as Vice President of Product Development. Shortly after, she added the role of Group Publisher. Susan oversees the growth and development of multiple magazine titles and media platforms.

  • Jeremy Wieland
    Director of Circulation

    Jeremy brings with him nearly 20 years of consumer product and media marketing expertise. He started as a retail account sales expert and worked his way up through a variety of media companies, most recently Utne Reader and other Ogden Publications properties, driving sales and managing teams for startup companies and small to mid-size companies launching extensions. In recent years, he has moonlighted as retail director for his wife Carlene’s company, Bedtime Bones. He is a recent board member for the St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association and remains active in the organization.

  • Dianne Talmage
    Production Director

    Dianne has more than 30 years of experience in magazine and book publishing. She has worked in both editorial and production capacities on regional and national publications, including The Family Handyman, Black & Decker books, Fins & Feathers Magazine, Catholic Digest, Mother Earth News and Utne Reader. She has a strong track record reducing printing and distribution costs, and streamlining workflows. She joined Tiger Oak Media in 2008, where she oversees the production of more than 25 titles ranging from monthly magazines to annual custom publications. In addition to print responsibilities, her team of six also creates digital editions, newsletters, web materials and collateral projects.

  • Jim Younger
    Custom Publishing Director

    Jim brings 25 years of publishing experience to his role managing all aspects of custom publishing, from editorial creation to advertising sales to production and design. His unique skill set, touching all aspects of media, helps outside groups and organizations create superior content, maximize their exposure and drive media sales.