Brides Digital Internship

Tiger Oak Media is seeking an online intern for a six-month term to work closely with the Brides digital editor to gain hands-on experience in maintaining the web presence of Tiger Oak Media’s 5 bridal websites (Minnesota Bride, Wisconsin Bride, Seattle Bride, Oregon Bride, and California Wedding Day). This is a fast-paced, fun internship that requires organization, good verbal communication skills, love of the written word and a sincere interest in learning the basic tools of the web, including content management systems, working and researching on the Internet, blogging, SEO and social media.

This is a mostly remote internship, which involves a flexible 15-20 hour a week commitment.

Academic credit is available for students. If academic credit is not needed, a nominal stipend is paid upon completion of the full 6-month program. 

We welcome applications from students and non-students alike, but prefer applicants with a strong interest in pursuing a career in editing or writing. Student applicants needn’t be enrolled in a journalism program, but must have good written and verbal communication skills and be adept with social media.

The Brides digital intern will:

  • Assist in updating the sites with fresh content from the print editions, including calendar events, vendor profiles, and select articles
  • Pitch ideas and write for the blogs
  • Write headlines to SEO standards under guidance of digital editor
  • Assist with Seattle Bride magazine’s Pinterest and Instagram pages in accordance with our social media guidelines
  • Resize and upload real wedding photos for weekly real wedding feature
  • Write and compile the weekly Instagram round-up for Seattle Bride magazine
  • Attend events or photo shoots as necessary for blogging or behind-the-scenes video purposes

The Brides digital intern should have the following skills:

  • A sincere interest in the Internet, blogs and social networking
  • Excellent writing, grammatical and spelling skills
  • Serious attention to detail
  • Blogging, CMS and social media experience
  • An interest in weddings, design, fashion, style and beauty
  • Basic knowledge of SEO and keyword search
  • Basic photo editing skills
  • Ability to follow formatting standards
  • Willingness to be a part of a team
  • Ability to successfully work independently of others

An adult work ethic and the ability to converse professionally with industry vendors and clients
Application Procedure

Email a completed questionnaire (see below) along with a cover letter and resume to  

Questions? Contact the editor at the email above. 


  1. Why do you want to work as an intern at Tiger Oak Media? 
  2. If you were suddenly put in charge of Seattle Bride online, what is one aspect of the site you would change? Please use specific examples from the website and describe how this change would improve the site.
  3. Identify three strengths of Minnesota Bride online. Explain.
  4. Tell us about the last book you read. If you are a student: Tell us about last book you read that wasn’t assigned.
  5. Do you read any design, fashion or style websites, blogs or magazines? If so, which ones and why?
  6. What design, fashion or style news story did you find most interesting from the past year?
  7. What do you want to gain from your internship experience?

Writing assignment:
1.     Write a 200-word story that would work as a short  “Bride Ideas” or “Bridal Basics” blog post. This section covers news and ideas for brides and grooms and covers topics ranging from boutiques to wineries to gifts and favors. Get creative! Click to see an example.