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The Only FAQ

“So where did the name Tiger Oak come from, anyway?” Yes, it's an unusual name. Here's our story:

Before there even was a company, I was helping a good friend of mine move; she had gotten a new job and was leaving Minneapolis for Chicago. We start lifting a rather large desk, and I said, "That's a real cool desk; what is it made of?"

"It was my grandfather's," she replied. "It's tiger oak, and that's why it has those stripes in it."

At that same time, I was bidding on a custom publication for Radisson Hotels and was on the phone discussing the company (which, admittedly, was a tad fictitious since it was just myself). The lady I was speaking with asked me what the company's name was. It happened I was at a friend's house looking straight at a built-in oak cabinet and said, "It's Tiger Oak Publications." 

If you haven't seen tiger oak, it is actually quartersawn wood radially cut against the grain. That's how the "stripes" are created and why it has a distinctive look. Any wood can be cut like this, from maple to redwood to hickory. Had I not been staring at oak, I suppose it could have been Tiger Teak Media. You'll recognize the oak leaf is part of the logo design that our art director Alicia, who designed many issues of Minnesota Bride before moving to Seattle, originally created.

Thanks for reading our story. Thanks, too, for visiting Tiger Oak's website, and learning about our titles and brands. I'm very proud of the entrepreneurial organization we've created over the past two decades.

—R. Craig Bednar, president and publisher